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Essentials Of Creative Writing


The Essentials Of Creative Writing is an online 20 module writing course full of creative techniques for authors and writers alike. Even if you have been a writer for some time you may benifit from some of the modules and this makes the writing course suitable for anyone interested in developing their writing skills.
Modules Includes:
Module 1: Myths & Truths Of Creative Writing Module 2: Overcoming Creative Blocks Module 3: What Do You Want To Write? Module 4: Writing Great Fiction Module 5: Romantic & Historical Genre Module 6: Children’s Books Defined Module 7: Romantic & Historical Genre Module 8: Understanding Plots Module 9: Explaining The Theme Module 10: Techniques For Plot Building Module 11: Situation and Road-map Methods Module 12: Visualization, Plots And Graphs Module 13: The Characters Of Your Story Module 14: The Good Guys & The Bad Guys Module 15: Creating Genre Characters Module 16: Dialogue is The Speech or Conversation Module 17: Learning Dialogue Techniques Module 18: Different Writing Styles Module 19: Your Style & Viewpoint Module 20: Who Will Take The Credit?
If you want to write and need to know the tricks of the trade grab the essentials of creative writing so that you can unleash the writer within you TODAY!